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Technical Innovation Points Of Garden Management Tiller
- Nov 08, 2017 -

We are a specialized in pastoral management of the company, we have a broad market to the satisfaction of products, and the constant pursuit of perfection, serve more people. The next is for you to share the innovation of pastoral management.


  1. Advanced and reliable motorcycle wet multi plate friction clutch with improved technology dynamic power transfer mechanism of rural management, so the structure is compact, the first of its kind in pastoral management industry.

  2. Wetland scimitar blisters technical difficulties in rotary field winding grass, sagging, good working effect.                                                                                         

3. Speed transfer all adopt gear, taper gear transmission, the transmission power loss is very small


4.Paddy field rotary cultivator to solve the global problem of paddy field management tiller industry in rotary tillage difficult, the cultivation of high efficiency, good effect. The above is  to pastoral management technology It is my honor to serve you. Let us work together for a better  life. We are willing to be the best partner with you