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The Advantages Of Belt Driven Tiller Cultivator
- Nov 18, 2017 -

Our company is a main micro tillage machine company, satisfactory products to our production and life have a lot of help, our company to create high-quality products, the quality of life for our customers. Then we share a micro farming machine has the advantages of belt drive models.

1 The general gasoline engine or small water-cooled diesel engine, light weight, convenient transportation; 

2, Low manufacturing cost; 

3, Due to the use of belt transmission, so it can reduce the impact force of the power mechanism, has a protective effect on the engine; 

4. The models have larger the advantage in the greenhouse, dry land, paddy field, deep loose small field regional operations, one of the best-selling and most popular on the market. 

Is above to explain the related knowledge of micro farming machine, I hope for your help, our company staff in this hospital waiting for your visit, your trust is our biggest return.