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The Characteristics And Maintenance Of Management Cultivators
- Sep 28, 2017 -

   The utility model relates to a garden management cultivators, which is a multifunctional small-sized farm work machine. The cultivators has the advantages of light weight, multifunctional characteristics, the main operations include deep rotation, spraying, weeding, cultivation, soil complex, ditching, ridging, crushing, transportation, and root Harvest Film mulching. The whole machine is composed of three parts, the engine, the chassis and the auxiliary operating tools, with a total weight of about 90 kilograms. In order to prolong the service life of the management machine; reduce the failure to correct farming machine hand must make the correct use and maintenance and safe operation.

    1. initial maintenance. New cultivators or after the overhaul of the pastoral management cultivators, should be in accordance with the instructions on the use of running in, commissioning, inspection, debugging can be carried out after the operation.

    2. daily maintenance. Before departure, check the engine, gearbox oil is in the normal level on the dipstick line between the lack of add, and check whether there is leakage phenomenon. After starting, listen and observe the abnormal sound of parts, such as engine running, overheating and so on. Check the clutch, shift system and steering mechanism for normal operation. Check whether the work machine is connected reliably. If damaged, replace the damaged parts immediately.

    3. technical overhaul. If the management cultivators is greatly failure or technical maintenance,cultivators hand can not blindly disassemble, should be sent to the local special maintenance station please professional and technical personnel of technical maintenance and troubleshooting before operation, management machine can not be "sick" operations.

    4. long-term storage. When the management cultivators needs to be stored for a long time, the dust on the outside of the machine should be removed and antirust treatment shall be carried out.