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The Development Trend Of Garden Tiller
- Oct 20, 2017 -

    1, the operation is more simple: hold back and forward speed to handle, the adjustment is more convenient. 

    2, the adaptable engine: low noise, low emission, strong power and strong adaptability of the engine will be more use. 

    3, multi functions: to continue supporting new equipment, adding new features, based on improving the agricultural functions, and gradually extended to the city landscape and horticultural field, such as supporting grass, snow, mill and other branches. At present, Shandong Huaxing Machinery Group is working with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences to develop and produce the dominant TG4 type models supporting a variety of gardening equipment. 

    4, replacement of parts quickly: in order to reduce the labor intensity of the operator and save the replacement time with compensation of farm machinery, hanging by quick hitch device field management machine and related machines, replacement of tools is simple and fast.