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The Difference Between Garden Management Machine And Walking Cultivator
- Nov 02, 2017 -

    The farm management cultivator with a differential has a title, "universal management machine", which is designed for orchard, vegetable land, greenhouse, hilly land and small plots of agricultural cultivator products. This machine field management cultivator 20, engaged in nearly forty field operations! The real thing is the title! Then the pastoral management and traditional walking tractors what difference? The most obvious difference, pastoral management is small, people can not take, flexible turning, horsepower is small, low cost, more suitable for greenhouse. And walking cultivator, horsepower, big body, people can ride, and gear more, generally suitable for earth work. All aspects of pastoral management and tractors are used in agriculture such as rotary tillage, rotary tillage, paddy field, dry land pumping, transportation, threshing, ditching, spraying, spraying, harvesting, power generation. It can be widely used in hilly areas, mountain areas, greenhouses, orchards, paddy fields and other agricultural needs in different regions. The garden management machine is more compact, flexible, easy to operate, low noise, small emissions, so more popular.