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The Good Brand Of Tea Garden And Garden Management Cultivator Tiller
- Sep 13, 2017 -

1, micro tillage machine operation, please do not transfer the micro tillage machine to those who are not familiar with the operation of the micro tillage machine, so as to avoid a safety accident and cause irreparable damage.

2, quality requirements in the production of rotary, fuel, the engine must be off, the scene is prohibited fireworks, to prevent the occurrence of fire.

3, the new engine in large ditching machine simple identification method, 20 acres of land to work after the operation, the engine must change the oil and gear oil cooler, otherwise cannot discharge residual oil in the body after the replacement of second acres; 80-100; continuous operation 3-5 days to clean air filter, oil nozzle pressure, check valve clearance check adjustment, when necessary, replace the piston ring and valve.

4, after the completion of each operation, should pay attention to clear the micro cultivator of the soil, weed oil and other attachments, and check fastening bolts fastening the pull rope to start, intake and exhaust valve in the closed state, and find the film or other cover to prevent the sun and rain, rust.