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The High Efficiency Of The Agriculture Cultivator
- Nov 02, 2017 -

   Furrowing cultivator is a kind of common equipment used in agricultural production, with the development of science and technology, the performance is more and more high furrowing cultivator, more and more welcome for farmers. Then, the high performance furrowing machine performance where? 

    1, Furrowing cultivator according to the hills, mountains, small plots, elevation, and inorganic farming and design. Suitable for sandy land, economic crop cultivation, the cultivation, weeding, ridging, ditching, ridging root crops, soil pesticide and other functions, for field cultivation, ditching and ridging. 

   2, Furrowing soil to smoke furrow cultivator using guide to cultivate the middle. At the same time, the reasonable Coulter speed, not only high efficiency, but also make the granular soil culture, to achieve the farmland fine implementation, ridge full effect. Thus, high performance furrowing cultivator is greatly high agricultural productivity, reduce labor, bring great convenience to the farmers.