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The Influence Of Improper Maintenance Of Farm Tiller On Fuel Consumption
- Oct 19, 2017 -

    Our company specializes in rural management machine company, satisfied products for our production and life to play a great help, our company to build perfect products, to bring a better life for our customers. Next for you to share is the effect of pastoral management improper maintenance for gas guzzling: 

    1. pastoral management due to the long time use of the maintenance is not timely, so that each part of loose parts resulting in leakage increase, making waste too much oil. 

    2. machine in operation, piston ring wear, increasing the friction of piston. 

    3. long time uninterrupted work make the ventilation field management machine cooling fan is too small, making the machine temperature rising. 

    4. fin was blocked, resulting in internal temperature rises rapidly, that the oil volume will continue to increase combustion. 

    5. pastoral management piston ring groove ditch plugging, the oil is not smooth, the oil can not complete combustion. Through the above introduction of pastoral management, whether you of this product have a further understanding. Our company will abide by the principle of business reputation and equality and mutual benefit, and provide excellent service for users, and create more perfect products!