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The Maintenance Of Micro Tillage Machine Should Be In Place
- Nov 10, 2017 -

Micro tillage machine is one of our main products, we have good products, satisfactory service, reliable reputation, help a helping hand for your success, then for you to explain the micro farming machine maintenance should be in place. 

Micro tillage machine maintenance should be in place. In the work, because of parts rubbing vibration, oil, mud and water invasion, will cause the parts wear, loose connection, corrosion and aging is inevitable, so that the micro tillage machine technical deterioration, power loss, increased fuel consumption, accelerated wear and tear fault appears continuously. The machine is powerless, difficult to start, poor heat dissipation, lack of power, and so on, is a typical maintenance failure caused by insufficient. "Prevention is more important than treatment, and cultivation is more important than maintenance"". 

Must be in strict accordance with the maintenance cycle and content, in the maintenance, to avoid cooling, use cold water to air cooling machine using low quality fuel oil and lubricating oil, chaos on the body of screw tight error and maintenance measures. Our company is the main micro farming machine manufacturers, in many years of business practice, cultivate the shape of "build first-class team, first-class performance, enterprise core value tree class corporate image" and "forever and striving for the first" spirit of enterprise. Welcome new and old customers to come to purchase, looking forward to sincere cooperation with you!