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The Mature Stage Of The Field Management Machine
- Nov 30, 2017 -

The pastoral management machine is our company's main product. The pastoral management machine has become a recognized agricultural machinery now, but it is also undergoing many stages of development. Today we will talk about the mature stage of the pastoral management machine. From 2002 onwards for about 5 years, pastoral management in China should be in the mature stage. The model and quality will be basically stable, and the number of manufacturers will also be stable.


The field management machine products can be divided into southern and northern regions. The southern type structure is mainly based on European models, and the characteristics of Japanese products are also absorbed in rotary tillage tools. There are two kinds of functions from function and function: one is a machine with less function and less operation. It is called simple micro tillage machine. Because of its low price, sales volume is increasing. Another type of machine has many functions, such as high reliability, convenient operation and so called standard type.