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The Method Of Packing Micro Tillage Machine For Temporary
- Sep 17, 2017 -

The slack period is often parked up more than half a year, if the parking method is improper, it will damage. Micro tillage machines need temporary parking, and must be operated according to the following methods:

 storage of micro tillage machines is seasonal.

 1 engine speed low after 5 minutes of downtime, while the engine to drain the oil, add new oil.

 2 remove the cylinder cover on the gas plug, add about 2 ml of oil.

 3 press the starting handle to pull recoil starter rope 5-6 times, and then release the       decompression handle, starting slowly pull the rope, until you feel a greater resistance.

 4 release diesel in diesel mailbox. Water cooled diesel engines should also be placed in the tank cooling water. 5 clear micro tillage machine tool and sludge, weeds and so on, the machine stored in ventilated and dry place and not to be exposed to the sun and rain.