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The Portable Digging Tiller Greatly Improves The Efficiency Of People's Work
- Oct 07, 2017 -

   Portable digging tiller, also known as portable digging machine, is a hilly, hilly, gully planting, fertilization, digging fast special machinery. Portable digging machine has greatly improved the efficiency of people's work, we look at the following portable digging machine features.

    1., low terrain requirements. Ultra hard soil, clay, frozen soil and so on can carry out the work very effectively to it, and can achieve the best work request. In the complex terrain mountainous and hilly and gully area, afforestation before tillage or digging in the slope of 35 degrees below the barren land, secondary forest, deforested land and Loess Plateau Gully slope.


    2. portable digger can change drill bit of different diameter according to different tree species. The utility model has the advantages of convenient and quick operation, portability, light weight, small occupation space, portable digging machine, heavy 5.1KG, long 110cm (with a drill bit, and more convenient portability after the drill bit is disassembled.


    3., simple operation, easy to get started, without training, one can operate.


    4. high efficiency, 10 - 15 seconds, one pit, one hour, 240 - 360 pits. Greatly shorten the operation time, reduce workers.

    5. high quality pits. In the planting process, the hole quality directly affects the survival rate of the trees, the Jin Wang portable digger digging pit, the same diameter, the depth can be adjusted according to the actual situation.


    6., a wide range of applications, can be used for tree planting, fertilization of fruit trees, legislation bus stop sign, billboards, greenhouses, piling and other operations. The above is about portable digging machine advantages of the introduction, I hope to help you after reading, if you have other problems, want to consult, you can contact us.