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The Relationship Between Agricultural Development And Micro Tillage Cultivator Tiller
- Sep 17, 2017 -

   With the popularization of agricultural mechanization, micro farming machine gradually into farmers, farmers use micro tillage machine to farming pastoral management, time-saving and convenient, micro farming machine is not limited by geographical conditions, the price of investment is not the equivalent of an electric car, micro tillage machine configuration can be done by changing the relevant field planting weeding. Orchard tillage fertilizer spraying water pumping farm, the farmers' labor intensity is greatly reduced and the efficiency is greatly improved. With the increasing cost of employing labor force, the peasants urgently need a machine that can replace a large number of labor force to accomplish more farm work. The emergence of rural management machine, as a new development of agricultural machinery products, has gradually been accepted by farmers, and solve the vital interests of farmers. 

    The micro tillage machine is used for field cultivation, ditching and ridging. It can also be used in the management of vegetable greenhouses, nurseries, orchards and tea plantations, and is well liked by the customers. Turbine boom drive, belt tensioning, advance and retreat file complete, front wheel drive to make the operation more relaxed. Suitable for sandy, economic, crop planting, digging, weeding and weeding. Multifunctional pastoral management is divided into the price of diesel and gasoline, diesel engine is a little more expensive, but can save money on gas 3-4 yuan per mu; gasoline pastoral management price low, relatively easy to start than diesel. In short, the emergence of rural management machine is to help farmers solve the problem of farming, time-saving, labor-saving, provincial costs, is a good helper for farmers to become rich. Adjusting micro tillage machine first to see how to turn the soil to the soil, which is the basic condition. Because the soil is different, the rotary tillage depth of the micro tillage machine is different. 

    Generally speaking, the black earth soil, his soil is loose, may carry on the suitable deep turning, this needs to adjust the limited depth pole which uses when the rotary tillage, causes him to go down as far as possible, the soil turns over the moon. , clay and loess tillage should be shallow, the soil compaction is serious, soil is very hard, the best is deepening year by year, this kind of soil will change on the professional manufacturer of hard clay knife, first try to do farming at a depth of 20 cm should not be too deep. Rotary tillage can be divided into front or rear, front refers to the rotary tillage furrowing on knife position, the handle is rotated 180 degrees, adjust the depth control rod of his depth, rear refers to the rotary blade mounted on the wheel position, the front gear box removed after the installation of drag rod rotary tillage