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The Rise Of The Chongqing Brand Cultivator Tiller
- Sep 12, 2017 -

The only solution to the enterprise the menace from the rear to create a better external environment, enterprises, stimulate endogenous power and vitality, can with greater force to promote the Chongqing brand to take off. At present, 7 of the 10 micro tillage machines in the country are "made in Chongqing"; 5 micro power plants for internal combustion engines are exported to Chongqing, and 4 are produced in taiwan. After a long 10 years after the fall, "Chongqing rub side" by means of the product transformation to achieve the two rise, has created a "Chongqing micro farming machine" which is a big regional enterprise set brand. (according to the newspaper reported in July 4th) last century at the end of 90s to the beginning of this century, "Chongqing rub side" was a smash hit. Motorcycle production and sales for many years among the nation's top, reaching a peak in 2002, production and sales in the domestic market accounted for 2/3, accounting for 1/2 of the export market, but ultimately fiasco, the reason is not pay attention to brand building, walk the road of extensive development. In recent years, after experiencing "painful understanding", Chongqing's enterprises are paying more and more attention to brand building and shaping a group of influential brands. For example, Changan automotive technology strength to conquer customers to win the market, has become the largest production and sales of domestic brands; Chongqing Lifan introduced the quality management method of excellent performance management and other advanced, for 4 consecutive years has become Russia's biggest market sales China automobile brand; Chongqing Deng Kang continuous innovation rely on "production generation, development generation, reserve generation", let the cold acid Ling Chinese became the first national brand of toothpaste...... Although the Chongqing brand has the trend of rising, but in the national or even global scope, there are still a small amount, visibility and reputation is not enough. According to relevant statistics, China's existing century brand 434, only 7 in Chongqing; in 2017 the world's most valuable brands in the top 500, Chongqing no brand selected; 100 Asian brands, Chongqing also no brand list. In this regard, I put forward the "13th Five-Year" period to cultivate 800 brand target. To achieve this goal, to create a group of distinctive features, strong competitiveness and good reputation in the market of industrial brands, cluster brands and regional brands, Chongqing enterprises have a long way to go. "Bowel disease of water, as boulders, potential." At present, the world industry is undergoing profound changes, especially the development of mobile Internet, weaken the international big channel advantage, China is also further promote industrial upgrading, accelerate the implementation of the "2025 Chinese manufacturing", vigorously develop strategic emerging industries. These have created a window period for the rise of Chongqing brand". How to seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity to achieve corner overtaking process in the upgrading of the market, is the key to the rise of the momentum of Chongqing brand. However, the road of brand rise is still full of thorns. Put in the past, as long as the product quality is good, willing to spend money advertising, it is easier to create well-known brands. These are obviously not enough to do now. Product quality is even better, R & D costs higher input, if not keep up with changes in market demand, can not lead the market, will be eliminated. For example, NOKIA was sitting on the world's mobile phone leader position, the quality of mobile phone like a brick, unbreakable, smashing rotten, R & D expenses are high, in 2010, NOKIA's R & D expenses reached 5 billion 800 million euros, apple is more than 4 times, but did not keep up with changes in market demand because of the irreversible decline towards the end. The enterprise is on sale. Visible, in order to win in the market competition, not only need excellent product quality, but also to test the market quality of enterprise brands and market leading ability. As commented, "the ultimate competition among brands is the understanding of a generation's values of life, and those who understand it better are more likely to win."." Of course, the rise of brands also requires good external soil. From a large scale, it is necessary to push forward the structural reform of the supply side, waste resources on the excess production capacity, and use more promising industries. Also realize that good enterprises are not managed by the government. Good brands are not designed to sit in offices. The development of brand enterprises needs a series of institutional support, especially the improvement of government public service. The only solution to the enterprise the menace from the rear to create a better external environment, enterprises, stimulate endogenous power and vitality, can with greater force to promote the Chongqing brand to take off.