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The Rotary Tiller Is Used For Swirling Operations
- Jul 11, 2017 -

The rotary tiller is a multi-functional agricultural machinery, where we mainly describe the application of it in the rotary rake operation, which is a farming pattern of paddy fields.

The installation of the plow: The correct installation of the plow has an important effect on the normal operation of the rotary tiller. Users in the use of soil surface conditions can be based on a reasonable installation. For flat ridge operations, we generally install the licker elbow outward, and for the filling operation, we often put the plow elbow inward installation, etc., different installation for different farming conditions.

Into the water control: rotary tiller in the rotary rake operations, to master the amount of water, the amount of water. If too much water, may cause the field is not easy to pulp, and ultimately can not meet the farming requirements. If the water is too small, it may cause the field is not easy to rake, but also increase the soil friction, is not conducive to the soil to play a normal role.

Walking direction: the standard method for the oblique rake method. The so-called oblique rake along the diagonal side of the plots left or right a rake began to rake farming, outward gradually extended, and finally around the fields rake can be a circle. This method can effectively reduce the farming time, improve the farming efficiency, and less fuel consumption, good farming quality.

Rake field number: generally determined by the characteristics of paddy fields and crop requirements, for throwing paddy fields generally rake two to three times for the best, and artificial plowing plots to rake twice as well. The user must not mistakenly think that the number of rake days will not have a negative impact on the crop, which is completely wrong. There are too many rake fields, not only will damage the soil grain structure, causing soil compaction, and will accelerate the wear and fuel consumption of agricultural machinery.