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The Starting Stage Of The Field Management Machine
- Nov 28, 2017 -

We are a specialized pastoral management company, the related knowledge about the product you may also not very well, never mind, the next will give you details of the initial stage of pastoral management. 

The initial stage pastoral management: Chinese began very early development of garden management machine, but because many reasons have not formed products, not until 1980s and mid 90s, with the development of the land contract responsibility system, improve the income of farmers and Chinese small gasoline and diesel engines tend to mature, Chinese multifunctional micro tillage machine development started. During this period, the main is to follow foreign products, but because of material, heat the treatment process and the gap with foreign countries, so the beginning of gear box and tool part there are more problems, micro farming machine does not work long time, gear box on the fever, severe leakage or gear 

There are also some faults such as damage, rotary knives, and blade breakage. Through the above introduction, do you have a certain understanding of the pastoral management machine, and I will share more information for you later, and welcome you wholeheartedly.