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Use And Maintenance Of Tillage Machines
- Jul 11, 2017 -

1. Before the plough is put into operation, pay attention to checking whether the fuel, lubricating oil and coolant are enough. If sufficient, start the machine before preheating, can be put into work.

2, farming machine after work, should pay attention to check and clean or replace the "filter" (air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, filter) to carefully check the troubleshooting, cleaning, fastening, adjusting and lubricating part, eliminate hidden dangers.

3, pay attention to timing or by the replacement of oil and three usage. When a failure cannot be ruled out, should promptly contact the professional maintenance staff, must not blindly disassemble.

4, tillage machines usually do not use, we should pay attention to regular start, lubrication of components, so that they are in a good standby state.