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What Are The Causes Of Tiller Of Oil Temperature Too High?
- Nov 04, 2017 -

If excessive or improper use of pastoral management machine, there will be too high oil temperature problems, then what is the cause of the specific? 

1, cylinder piston assembly wear or piston ring counterpart, leading to combustion chamber of high temperature and high pressure gas quickly into the oil pan. 

2, oil radiator blockage, leading to cooling and circulation ability of oil drops, this need manual solution. 

3, the oil pump wear, which will reduce the amount of oil pump, so the oil circulation heat dissipation ability will decline. 

4, part of diesel engine itself is equipped with oil Lane switch, after the weather has warmed up, can not timely switch the position of switch. For the garden management machine, regular maintenance is necessary, to extend the service life of the equipment, to avoid unnecessary use problems are very helpful.