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What Can We Do It The Power Tiller Have Out Of Gear?
- Oct 13, 2017 -

For the problem of the micro farming machine out how to solve? What better way? Here we look at the detailed introduction.

1, the replacement of a tractor and a coulter transmission reverse gear, micro tillage machine automatic off gear case, after the examination and analysis, the reason is the maintenance assembly after accidentally leak, coulter transmission gear washer (about each), colter gear axial clearance is too large and fibrillation, that rotary automatic tripping. Re install the washer, out no longer occur. 

2, the tractor rotary gear operation, only the micro tillage machine can press the joystick left hanging files, the inspection is ball spring positioning engagement suite transmission shaft of the colter device is useless, the ball has been lost, or spring is stuck, the engaging sleeve cannot be locked in the colter shaft, slipping and can not transfer power. Repair or replace the ball spring positioning device, the fault is excluded.

3, tractor rotary tillage, the tiller Coulter left toggle gear gear is very difficult, and soon automatic block, after inspection, the reason is Coulter lever has the bending deformation, the colter shaft gear sets the jaw and not on the gear tooth Coulter transmission meshing, meshing or the length is very small, the lever and out of gear axial vibration force. After straightening the joystick, the fault is eliminated. Coulter lever bending deformation is mainly caused by improper operation. When the gear is hung, the control lever can not be hard to dial. If the gear is difficult, the clutch can be lightly jointed, so that the sleeve can be rotated one position, and then the lever is moved again.