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Will We Be In Danger Of Operating The Mini Tiller?
- Oct 08, 2017 -

    We all know that the digging minitiller is suit in mountainous, hilly ridge, gully area of afforestation, special mechanical fertilization fast digging, artificial digging, digging shovel picks planing laborious and time-consuming, fatigue, low efficiency, the use of digging machine is 30 times faster than the artificial digging, but also not tired, digging force saving and simple operation and use convenient. So, are we dangerous when we operate a digger?


    1. After the machine starts, opens the air door, the oil filling gate, the spiral drill can rotate, the oil gate opens, the insurance system appears, the general child or worker does not pay attention in the careful oil gate, will not have the accident.                                                                                                   2.Our company configuration of the corresponding auxiliary tools, such as glasses, safety gloves, etc., in operation with belt, such as Quan Wuwu, let you rest assured that the operation of digging machine.                                                                                                                                 3. Bit in the rotation to drill on the ground firmly, the corresponding center, in the operation of the hand can not handle pressure machine. When the resistance is too high, it should be lifted and drilled continuously. Digging machine produced by our company are widely used in afforestation, planting fruit trees, fences, and fertilization to fruit trees in autumn. The portable digging pit has the advantages of strong and powerful power, beautiful appearance, comfortable operation, low labor intensity, suitability for various terrains, high efficiency, easy carrying and field operation. The above is about when we operate the digging machine, whether there will be dangerous introduction, I hope to help you after reading, if you have any other questions you want to consult, you can contact us.